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Woodstock Inn History

By the early 1980s, the century-old home on Main Street in North Woodstock had seen better days. Deserted for 17 years, its future depended on the enthusiasm of new owners, who could see not what it was, but what it could be.

On Christmas Day 1982, that house became home to the Woodstock Inn, which then boasted four guest rooms, a 25-seat restaurant and a room for the owners up in the attic.

In the 30 years since that day, the Woodstock Inn has become the social center for locals and a home-away-from-home for visitors to return to year after year. They are drawn to the fine food, warm hospitality and even a sense of belonging each time they come back to visit the western White Mountains, making true our slogan, 'Great Taste from a Special Place.'

Perhaps because the original house had such a long history on Main Street, the Inn has always had an affinity for local history. That's why, two years after it opened, the owners reached over to Lincoln to save a bit of that town's past, its old train station.

Sawed in half and carefully, if not memorably, transported a few miles away to the Inn, that station became the Woodstock Station, allowing the expansion of the kitchen and the dining room, and, to their relief, larger owners' quarters.

And so began a tradition for the Inn, every couple of years buying a neighboring property and bringing it into the fold. In 1984, acquisition of Riverside added 11 guest rooms; the Stock Room at the station in 1986 increased to 60 the number of seats at the Station and the Deachman House in 1988 meant four more guest rooms available.

In 1993, the addition of the Porter Room added another 60 seats and in 1995, the year the brewery and brew pub were added, another 50 seats became a part of the Woodstock Station and Brewery.
Rounding out the additions were the Sawyer House in 2002 and the Cascade Lodge in 2006, which, together, provided another 12 guest rooms, for a total of 33 in five buildings. Between the Station, the Patio and the Clement Room Grill, 335 people can be seated.

With the establishment of the Brewery, the Woodstock Inn reaches far beyond Main Street and package and draft sales of the ales have increased dramatically, with an expectation this year to produce over 5,000 barrels. Two brews, Pig's Ear Brown Ale and Pemi Pale Ale, have won national awards and a selection is distributed throughout New England.

Owners Scott and Peggy Rice will tell you that the success of the Woodstock Inn and Brewery would not be possible without their loyal management staff, who have all been with the company for at least 15 years. Their vision of hospitality in the special place that is North Woodstock and the White Mountains makes the Inn the largest employer in Woodstock, with 45 people employed year-round and over 100 during the peak seasons.

Since it has been a few years since the last change at the Inn, it's time to do it again, this time adding a 150-seat function hall, which will also have room to expand the Brewery. Many of our friends notice that the Deachman House was moved across the street to make way for the new building.

The days of regretfully turning down requests from guests, especially from couples who met and even became engaged here,  who want to celebrate their most important moments at the Inn will be over later this year when the new facility opens.

As we celebrate our accomplishments over the past three decades, we look forward to being a part of your celebrations, large and small, in this very special place.


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