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By November 3, 2016Blog

Woodstock Inn Brewery Reinvests $300,000 in Capital Improvements

The Woodstock Inn, Station and Brewery is making $300,000 in brewery improvements including the addition of a waste water treatment facility. Owner Scott Rice says the project will, “Reduce the biological oxygen demand of the brewery’s waste effluent, which will in turn reduce the burden on the town’s own waste water treatment facility.” The brewery is coordinating with the Town of Woodstock and Caulder Construction on the upgrades.

The 8,000 barrel-per-year White Mountain operation is also adding a $50,000 state-of-the-art quality control laboratory. “Quality is integral to the taste and consistency of our products,” said Rice.

In addition, Frank Heidenreich was recently promoted to the role of Head Brewer and Brewery Operations Manager. Heidenreich has been part of the brewing industry for over 25 years and said “I’m excited to take on this challenge. I enjoy working at an independent, family-owned business that’s been part of the New England brewing tradition for more than 20 years.”

For more information about the Woodstock Inn Brewery please contact Keegan Rice or Erin Marley.

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