We need your help designing our next Red Rack Ale Logo!

By January 10, 2017Blog

We’ve hit a wall and we need your help!

We’re hoping to design a new logo for Red Rack Ale.  We’ve seen a lot of awesome concepts but nothing that really stands out for us.

We’re hoping to hear from some longtime customers and Red Rack fans. We’re looking for something simpler and cleaner.

Please email any ideas you have our way.

If we pick your idea and you’re cool with us using it for our new label and packaging, you’ll win a weekend stay for 2 at the brewery. You’ll have a year to book your trip.

Please send your idea no later than February 19, 2017!

Thanks for your help!


  • Laura Steele says:

    A moose face from the eyes up with red racks. Woodstock Inn Brewery on top and Red Rack Ale under the moose.

  • Adam Katz says:

    Label shapes like moose horns, with the brewery inside all tinted red!!!

  • Mindy LeVasseur says:

    Have a couple making a toast w the logo on the 16oz glasses . I was recently married there and many other couples like myself appreciate a great beer like Woodstock 🍻

  • Heike Savoy says:

    A moose’ rack, with beers mugs hanging off ’em. Picture of something “Lincoln” in the background. Loon Mt., Clark’s water tower. Old Man, ????

  • Amanda Kennedy says:

    An intimidating moose with “red eyes”. In the one eye is spells out “RED” in the other eye “RACK”. In the background the Woodstock Inn building.

  • Ken Sawyer says:

    A voluptuous bar maid in a very low cut red dress serving smiling patrons in the packed bar area, with a smiling moose hanging on the wall in the background.

  • Michele Borovich says:

    In the background a mountain with ski trails, in the forefront a fat bike heading onto the trails, with a river flowing next to the trail. In the center the Red Rack logo, and a sunset with a red hue to it.
    On the outside of the whole design, the Woodstock logo.

  • Nancy Norby says:

    Moose rack in the background then a large R to spell Red
    Rack. You know, one big R with (R) ed on top & (R) ack underneath it. The words are stacked sharing the R.

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